Wings of Pegasus

By Brig. Gen. George Chatterton

Wings of Pegasus – this is the story of a unique force, told by the man who founded, trained and led it: Brig. Gen. George Chatterton. The men of the Glider Pilot Regiment had to be skilled pilots; they also had to be tough, skilled fighters, able to operate at high speed often behind the enemy lines, side by side with the units they transported. In all, they landed sortie 2,000 gliders-in Sicily, Normandy and the South of France, at Arnhem and on the Rhine. Carrying guns, jeeps, tanks and infantry, they suffered over 1,500 casualties – a high figure for such a comparatively small force – but their impact was phenomenal. Catch up on the Colonel’s views here… and click on the link below to pick up a copy of the book.

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