By Robert Harris

Robert Harris is a legend – his fiction brings facts to life. In this, his latest book, Rudi Graf has been dreaming of sending a rocket to the moon since childhood. Instead, along with his friend Werner von Braun, he has helped create the world’s most sophisticated weapon – the V2 ballistic missile, capable of delivering a one-ton warhead that travels at three times the speed of sound. In a desperate gamble to avoid defeat, Hitler orders 10,000 to be built – and the story begins. Graf finds himself in a bleak seaside town in occupied Holland, haunted and disillusioned, tasked with firing the V2s at London. Read about his conflicts of conscience; get into the twists and turns of a story that sees Kay Caton-Walsh – an officer in the WAAF – trying to destroy his life’s work. This is a story of two halves. It’s explosive.

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