Topography of Terror

By Reinhard Rurup and Werner T. Angress

You’ll find the ‘Topography of Terror’ exhibition in Berlin today, on the site where, between 1933 and 1945, the principal instruments of Nazi persecution and terror were located: the headquarters of the Gestapo, the high command and security service of the SS, and (from 1939) the Reich Security Main Office. This book – Topography of Terror – isn’t a souvenir of the exhibition, but it is a brilliant companion to the location, the story behind the buildings and what happened there, and the historical legacy overall. It’s one of the books you’ll add to your collection which, it has to be said, you might not read cover to cover for pleasure – but you will dip in and out of it many times: learning about the 15 information stations where the most horrific crimes were planned. How the Gestapo operated during these times is an eye-opener. Just to give you a flavour of what you’re buying, you’ll find over 200 black and white photographs, more than a dozen maps, as well as plans, drawings and charts to chronicle the goings-on of the Gestapo headquarters building and activities in Berlin.

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