TM 30-506 German Military Dictionary German-English, English-German 1944

Mann für Mann, naturlich.

In theory, this epic was published for military personnel only, never to be republished in whole or in part without the consent of the War Office … it’s worth knowing that it was originally compiled by the US, for use by officers with a modicum of German language under their belts. However, it’s now a handy tome for members of the Independent Company, too. As we get our allgemeingiiltige Aiiordnungen and get told to “Antreten!” on a Thursday evening, don’t forget to engage your best Schallmittel – and remember, Mannschaft für Mannschaft; Mann für Mann; die Offizier vom Dienst will be on your case if there’s any Pflichtverletzung at all…

Seriously, this is one very useful book.

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