The Shadowman

By John Katzenbach

Something different – a chilling thriller, in which the ghosts of the Holocaust are both victims and killers. Kicking back on sun-filled beaches, a community of elderly Jewish Holocaust survivors are living out their golden days in America. And then one of them is murdered. Or is it murder? With the help of an eager detective and an attorney, the residents find out the truth and start to hunt down the Shadowman – a dark character who is terrorising their neighbourhood. Together, the residents must put a visceral stop to his ongoing killings of Jews. Katzenbach’s novel has twists and turns that will keep the pages turning: it’s not a spoiler to tell you now that the Shadowman is a Jew himself – with unfinished business in Florida. Fifty years after the end of the second world war, Miami’s handful of remaining elderly Jews know they’re next on his killing list – unless they find him first…

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>> Livestream Thursday August 6th 2020

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