The Hunt for Zero Point

By Nick Cook

Gravity. If nothing else gets you down, the laws of nature will … but Hitler was determined to overcome any and everything in his way. Including Newton’s nemesis. Nick Cook’s work took him to new heights and to new depths too, as he investigated the possibility Nazi scientists were once tasked with achieving the impossible: perfecting a Pandora’s Box of gravity-defying technology that would secure Germany’s victory. His work took him from the German archives, and the documented progress made by SS General Hans Kammler, to the secure corridors of NASA and the heartland of America’s classified weapons establishment – where the story gets really interesting. Did US scientists achieve what Kammler did not, in the mid ‘60s? The idea of limitless, clean propulsion is enough to keep us running towards the end of the rainbow; Nigel’s style makes for easy-reading and will keep you turning these pages right to the end of this book.

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>> Livecast Thursday 17th September 2020

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