The Burning Blue

By James Holland

In James’s own words, “This was pure indulgence – not necessarily my best book, but undoubtedly my favourite. A book about friendship, love, tragedy, and war, which gave me an opportunity to write about some of my greatest passions: Spitfires and the English countryside, and the pre-war and early war days that have always fascinated me. It was also fun partly setting the book in Cairo and North Africa.” As a novel, this is delightful; as a book written by James, it’s full of well-researched content as you might expect. Enjoy the story and, at the same time, learn about the intensification of farming and the effects of the war that changed British farming forever. Referred to perhaps unkindly as ‘chick lit’ by James and Guy in our livestream, this is actually cock-on for a bit of light reading – dare we say it – that might pique the interest of someone who doesn’t want full-on facts and figures, but would like to learn more about the effects of the war on British folk at home.

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