The Boys from Brazil

By Ira Levin

Quite simply, it’s a classic. The Boys from Brazil is a fast-paced, dark thriller about Josef Mengele’s imagined attempt to resurrect the Reich – this is the book that inspired the eponymous film, starring Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck. Emerging from his hideout in South America (true to form), Levin has us following Mengele as he plans a series of murders, and assembles a band of former soldiers to set his scheme in motion. A young American journalist has been tracking these suspicious activities and arranges to eavesdrop on a secret meeting … he disappears shortly afterwards, and leaves Yakov Liebermann (a Nazi-hunter loosely based on Simon Wiesenthal), to start asking difficult questions. Levin spins up a fictitious tale by using the strands of horrific truth from one of the darkest periods in our history. But it’s a great read.

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