Greyhound (or The Good Shepherd)

By C S Forester

James’s choice is an absorbing insight to the challenges, thoughts and choices of a disciplined man – devoted to duty, deeply religious – struggling with the realities of war. Commander George Krause is dodging submarines in the North Atlantic as he commands a convoy of supply ships on their way to keep England fed, fuelled and armed. Realistic, taut, with a measured pace that provides much more detail than ‘Greyhound’, the film. Watch Tom for the CGI, read Cecil for an eye-opening account of what happens when self-doubt and exhaustion are enemies above the waves, submarines below.

Featured in:

>> Livestream, Thursday 11th June 2020
>> Livestream, Thursday 30th July 2020
>> Livestream, Thursday 16th July 2020
>> Livestream, Thursday 9th July 2020

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