Ep 379: Nazis in the Air

Ep 379: Nazis in the Air

How politicised was the Luftwaffe? Second World War aviation expert Victoria Taylor joins Al Murray and James Holland to examine the history of German airmen, Hermann Göring and the Nazification of the Luftwaffe.

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2 Responses

  1. ..listening with great interest

    In my “Luftwaffe fighters – Combat on all Fronts” (just published by Mortons, available in Smiths now) I have two long articles that tie in with the podcast
    -a bio of Alexander von Winterfeldt, WWI fighter pilot and a Gruppenkommandeur in 1941
    -a feature entitled ‘Birth of the German fighter arm’ which examines the pre-1933 careers of a number of WWI German aviators

  2. James,

    One of the things I took from your most interesting “The War in the West – Vol 1” was that Luftwaffe officers were issued with 7 uniforms. Where there other instances of such largesse?

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