Ep 3: Machine guns, Nazi menswear and an Italian massacre

Ep 3: Machine guns, Nazi menswear and an Italian massacre

Al Murray arrives at the podcast carrying a German machine gun. James tells the story of a little known Italian massacre. Both men discuss the role of Hugo Boss in Nazi tailoring.

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  1. I just found this podcast the other day and so am starting at the beginning. I just finished Episode 3 and was interested in the discussion on the MG42. My father was a Bren Gunner during the Second World War and so as a young child I probably knew far more about the pros and cons of the Bren vs the MGs 34 and 42 than any child should. Dad rarely spoke of the challenging times of his military service, but talked a lot about the non-life threatening aspects. Shortly before he passed away he related for the first time a very entertaining tale of sawdust in Italy after he had been invalided out of the infantry and into the REME. Yes, I did say sawdust. He did once tell the tale of when his platoon had been pinned down by a German mg and during a break in the firing he’d gone to the top of the ravine in which they where they were sheltering. What happened next was a bit of a sobering story for a young boy to hear from his dad. Needless to say, they were no longer troubled by that Spandau. Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to working my way through these.

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