D DAY Through German Eyes

By Holger Eckhertz

This is the hidden story of June 6th 1944. What was it like to be a German soldier in the Normandy bunkers, facing the onslaught of the mightiest invasion in history? What motivated the German defenders, what were they thinking? Our link will take you to a version of Holger Eckhertz’s books that includes two volumes of content. It’s very detailed information, left to him by his grandfather Dieter – indeed, for many, the content might seem almost too accurate – but he presents the recollection of German survivors who’ve reflected on their state of mind, their actions and their choices of June 6th. We see a perspective of D Day that, if it’s true, deserves to be added to the historical record. If not, well, it’s still an interesting narrative and, on a bookshelf that holds many Allied memories, it’s useful to have at least one alternative perspective.

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