Burma ’44

By James Holland

James has an inimitable reputation for bringing first-hand narratives to life – civilian, political, and military – and then combining them with detailed research in an easily-digestible way. He brings the human side of the war to life. This time, he takes us to Burma to learn about and experience the first decisive victory for British troops against the Japanese. Not just a victory, but a lesson in how to win. The ‘Battle of the Admin Box’, as it’s now known, showed us how the Japanese could be defeated. In February 1944, Japanese forces surrounded a handful of cut-off British troops and subjected them to an intense siege. It’s an intense book, taking us deep into the paddy fields and jungle of Northern Arakan for a fifteen-day period that turned the tide for Burma between the British/Indian Army and the Japanese.

Featured in:

>> Livestream Thursday 28th May 2020
>> Livestream Thursday 11th June 2020
>> Pod Episode 45: Burma and Operation Varsity

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