Arnhem Lift

By Louis Hagen

Coming soon in a short-cast by Al, get your hands on a hard copy for the read-along. Of the 10,000 men who landed at Arnhem, over nine days 1,400 were killed and more than 6,000 – about a third of them wounded – were captured. It was a bloody disaster (not to put too fine a point on it). The remarkable Louis Hagen was one of the minority who made it back, an ‘enemy alien’ who had escaped to England having been imprisoned and tortured in a Nazi concentration camp as a boy just a few years earlier.

What makes this book so unforgettable is not only the breathtaking drama of the story itself, it is the unmistakable talent of the writer. ‘Our huts had been locked and left just as they were when we left them on Monday morning. We took the keys, went in and sat down on our beds. The four of us looked around the hut. There were eighteen empty beds. It was very quiet now…The narrative was first published anonymously in 1945. 45 years later at a dinner party in Germany, Louis Hagen met Major Winrich Behr, Adjutant to Field Marshal Model at Arnhem. Louis added his side of the story to add even more insight to the original work. It’s a firm favourite in secondhand bookstores. Keep your eyes open for small, cloth-bound versions without a dust jacket.

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