The SS: A New History

By Adrian Weale

What do you know about the SS? Beyond the harrowing spectre of what you might have seen on the silver screen, there is much to learn about this cadre of unwavering political fanatics. Adrian Weale draws on intelligence files and the most up-to-date research to deliver a chronological, matter-of-fact discourse that captures the philosophy, and the personalities, of the National Socialists and their rise to power. He goes far beyond the caricatures we’re familiar with, to reveal the complex moral dilemmas of men at the heart of this military organization. Slavishly following their ideology and disdaining traditional morality, these soldiers were committed to following a grim path that ultimately resulted in the Holocaust. Explore the birth, the legacy, and the ultimate demise of the most feared political and military organizations ever known. In parts, the book makes for unpleasant reading and yet, at the same time, Weale has packaged the evil that men do in a work of memorable, readable reference.

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