Warsaw 1944: Hitler, Himmler, and the Warsaw Uprising

By Alexandra Richie

A talented writer, Alexandra Richie has mastered the skill of combining a clear narrative with rich and vivid detail – making it easier to take in not just the breadth of disarray, and the Nazis’ impact on Warsaw’s Jewish ghetto, but also the terrible experiences of the many individuals who fought back, during the uprising, and perished as a result. Warsaw’s sophisticated, cosmopolitan community was facing its final days – but as Soviet soldiers repelled the Nazi invasion of Russia, the underground Polish Home Army took advantage. Richie highlights their determination to succeed in forestalling the total capitulation of their country; how they fought for more than sixty days and liberated the city of Warsaw for themselves. Facingthe full fury of Hitler, Himmler, and the SS, the crackdown that followed was one of the most brutal episodes in the war, but Richie does not shy aware from primary sources that present the events with a clear and level view of what happened, why, and how.

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