The Ship

By C S Forester

Life aboard a British warship during some of the darkest days of the Second World War is intense, and this is brilliantly captured by Forester. Feel the salt on your face as, page after page, he describes the surge and roll of the seas; pitching decks; the thunderous urgency of blazing guns; rending and rupturing of deck plates, and the screams of pain and shouts of triumph. Some of his writing might have been tempered by a need to deliver a title for readers who were desperate to hear about success on the high seas, but Forester spares no detail. His vignettes are in turn detailed and accurate and then full of believable characters, if sometimes on the verge of being caricatures. However, it’s an authentic depiction of the horrors of war on the high seas. Drama, tension, and ideal reading for Sunday mornings in bed with a nice cup of tea (according to James).

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>> Livestream, Thursday 11th June 2020
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