The Leader

By Guy Walters

In the fine tradition of Robert Harris’s Fatherland, Guy Walters imagines a nightmare vision of a Lesser Britain that might have been, if history had gone the other way. By his own admission, this isn’t Guy’s most applaudable literary masterpiece – but it is a revisionist page-turner, which still might have you wondering ‘what if?’ for a little while. Just think, what would have happened if Edward VIII hadn’t abdicated the throne? Or if Oswald Mosley had become Prime Minister – spending formative time in discussion with the new Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler – and if Britain had been transformed into a totalitarian society under an extreme regime, what then? Don’t be ashamed of flick-reading this work of fiction, Guy says he flick-wrote it. Fact. Thumbs up, Mr Walters. Looking forward to the next book, as always.

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