The Battle of Britain

By James Holland

If you want to learn about the Battle of Britain and need bonkers amounts of detail about the flying machines and air forces involved, then look no further. The Battle of Britain – Five Months That Changed History, May-October 1940 – is a spectacular account of in-air action during that time, accelerating in pace to document those formative months in detail. James weaves colourful threads of personal endeavour into his account of the battle and its background, adding personal views from the ground to the tapestry in the skies. Detailed descriptions of the combatants do not detract from overall readability, which is always a bonus in a weighty tome. Myth-busting, honest appraisals. Hundreds of photos and useful maps. An epic and firmly weighted springboard from which to dive much deeper into the second world war. As the man himself might say, what’s not to like.

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