Hunting Evil

By Guy Walters

Guy Walters has travelled the world in pursuit of this story – the true account of how many Nazis escaped justice at the end of the second world war. He is the expert on evil, according to Al. Sometimes successful, sometimes not, the nature of their escape is as gripping as any good thriller and Guy’s writing turns this troubling story into an easy read. Aided and abetted by corrupt Catholic priests in the Vatican (the Nazis, not Guy), travelling down the ratlines and being taken in by shady Argentine secret agents – Hunting Evil documents the demise of names that conjure horror and monstrosity: Eichmann, Mengele, Martin Bormann and Klaus Barbie. It’s a page-turner, and the go-to reference for rebutting many doubters’ theories about how the Nazis escaped and were pursued and captured — or managed to live long lives as fugitives. From its haunting chronicle of monstrous mass murders and murky details of the Nazis’ post-war existence, to the challenges of hunting them down, Hunting Evil is a monumental work of nonfiction that’s been written with all the pace and intrigue of a thriller. Buy it now.

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