Bader’s Last Flight

By Andy Saunders

There has been much debate and controversy about Douglas Bader’s character, and almost as much about this flight and ‘what happened next’. It was the 9th August 1941 when Bader, was shot down, captured and later incarcerated. But by whom, and how? Was it by one of his deadly German opponents, as Bader himself maintained, or was it by one of his own side? Andy Saunders is a master at capturing the moment, as he reveals that Bader may have been victim to friendly fire. He develops his hypothesis, backed up by strong evidence and a wealth of statistics, and separates fact from fiction – expertly dissecting all the material relating to the day itself, and subsequent events. He has also continued the quest to find Bader’s aircraft, which holds vital clues. Excellent addition to your bookshelves. Reach for your wallets as you refer back to Reach for the Sky…

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