Approach to Battle

By Sir Francis Tuker

As a commentary on the movements and intentions for the Eighth Army, from November 1941 to May 1943, this is a book that opens up many discussions about ‘why’ men moved forward and invites you to dive into a dozen different rabbit holes as a result of finding out they were also sometimes held back. Sir Francis Tuker was, quite unfairly, known as ‘Gertie’ among his colleagues. His attention to detail speaks for itself (this is the man who found a book dated 1879 in a Naples bookshop giving details of the construction of the monastery at Monte Cassino, which his division had been tasked to attack…), and this is a compelling, blow by blow commentary. Now then. Here’s the thing. If you click the button below, you’ll find that Amazon’s one and only copy of this book has the same price tag as half a Hurricane. So, keep your eyes open in the secondhand bookshops, and check out your local book emporium for dusty copies…

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